Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Loki Pendant

Here's the scope on the pendant ~ It was made by Bettina Wasserman the STORY

I've been asked if Heather took pics with Mickey. Hell Yeah!!! :)


Calling It A Night

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let ya'll know that not much is happening in the world of Rourke. Heather is returning home Tuesday night - from Los Angeles  and we'll be back on www.uniquelyrourke.com - Wednesday. 

Heather went to several Oscar parties and a private party Mickey had at a undisclosed venue. He was a gracious host.  And you will be able to read - what I am talking about - in a couple of days. 

Many of you are asking how Mickey is doing after not getting the Oscar. Well, Mickey is doing GREAT!!! He firmly believes he will be back in the race next year and I have no doubt he means what he says. 

I also want THANK all our uniquelyrourke site visitors for making this detour for the last several days and for all the Guest Book comment/Blog Comments. Heather is going to get crackin' on putting site visitors words - up on uniquelyrourke as soon as possible. 

Wow, this is an early morning for me.  I  live on the east coast - but have been keeping west coast hours.  Holy shit, I'm I tired... :)

BTW - there are new photos up at MickeyRourkeWallsGallery


Monday, February 23, 2009

More From Vanity Fair

Mickey & Sean - It's All Good!!!

"Mickey Rourke rises again, and he is my brother."
Sean Penn - at the end of his accpetance speech for Best Actor


Mickey Paid Tribute .....

to Loki on the Red Carpet At the Oscars :

Mickey Rourke paid tribute to his dead dog LOKI at  by wearing a small photo of the Chihuahua on a pendant around his neck.
The little pet died last week (ends20Feb09), and the Oscar nominee called her, "The love of my life," whenever he was asked about the necklace on the red carpet.
He said, "She left me at a time where, after 18 years, she knew I'd be alright.
"It's bittersweet because I said to myself, 'I'd rather have Loki another two years than an Oscar' and I told her that, but she stayed here as long as she could."
On the red carpet at the Oscars, Rourke revealed he had planned to bring Loki to the ceremony as his date - and had even bought her a fitted tuxedo.


Mickey Arrives....

At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party ..... 

You will find more photos at MickeyRourkeWallsGallery


Sunday, February 22, 2009

There's Next Year.....

Mickey lost to Sean Penn...  Yes, it SUX!! Big Time!!!  However, Sean did mention Mickey at the end of his speech.. And Mickey was gracious!!! 

LaShane has photos of Mickey's arrival at the Oscars

I'm being asked my personal opinion about Sean Penn's win - When Heather returns  from Los Angeles  - I'll post something on my blog The Flip Side.  


Always The Rebel...

Mickey said he wasn't going to wear  (ALL) Black to the Oscars....



Finally, the day has arrived. I gotta tell ya - I was on the phone with people in LA until 7am this morning. The town is buzzing with Rourkemania. I kid you not..  The consensus in Hollywood is Mickey is going to win  It's ALL good!!!  

Here's how the schedule goes down tonight!!! 
Barbara Walters Oscar Special - 7 pm for us folks living on the east coast. 
For those folks living on the west coast - it will air after the Academy Awards

Oscar time : ABC - 8pm ET / 5 PT  

The Speech Heard Around The World
 Thanks to the Rourke Fan - that sent the comment with the link.  
Witness why Mickey stole the Independent Spirit Awards -- ClickHere


Saturday, February 21, 2009

More News........

"The Wrestler" pummelled its opponents at the Spirit Awards on Saturday, winning three awards, including best feature at the independent film world's equivalent of the Oscars.

The film's star, Mickey Rourke, won the male lead race for his comeback title role as a washed-up fighter. French camerawoman Maryse Alberti won the cinematography prize for her work on the film.

Rourke, a Hollywood bad-boy whose career flat-lined years ago before his resurrection in "The Wrestler," basked in the limelight as he received his award to a partial standing ovation underneath a marquee on Santa Monica beach.

After kissing the film's director, Darren Aronofsky, on the lips, the 56-year-old actor launched into a meandering speech in which he recalled being arrested by the local police a decade ago, urged Hollywood to give his friend Eric Roberts another shot, and fought back tears as he paid tribute to his recently deceased Chihuahua dog Loki.

For his part, Aronofsky told reporters backstage that he hoped to work with Rourke again.

Source: Reuters



Mickey Steals The Show!!

MICKEY ROURKE added to his award season haul and stole the show at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday (21Feb09) with a hilarious and rambling acceptance speech.
A starstudded crowd at the Santa Monica, California ceremony gave the actor a standing ovation when he stepped onstage to collect the Best Male prize for his role as a washed-up grappler in The Wrestler.
During his speech, he dedicated the award to his beloved pet dog Loki, who died this week (15Feb); threatened to beat up comedian Rainn Wilson, who had impersonated him in an earlier skit; forgot the name of his The Wrestler co-star Marisa Tomei; and broke his microphone.
He said, "That little blond dude who did that thing (Wilson), I'm going to beat your ass when I get out of here... I've got thousands of letters about my dog that died six days ago. Loki, Loki, this is for you baby."
And he needed help from the audience when he forgot to thank Tomei, who played a stripper in the film. He said, "My memory ain't that good. I want to thank....." and paused, prompting the crowd to yell "Marisa". He responded by saying, "Melissa? Marisa? Marisa Tomei. She had to do all this bare-a**ed. Not many girls can climb the poll. She climbed the poll and she did it well."
The Wrestler also lifted the Best Feature award and the Best Cinematography prize for Maryse Alberti. Publish Post




Heather is bumming  in Beverly Hills. JP text her - from the Spirit Awards - to let her know that  Mickey won the Spirit Award for Best Male Lead. As for me - Well, I only got to watch a portion of Mickey's speech because my dogs were whining  - the poor poochies needed to go out!!! 

He Was Giving A Standing Ovation
When Mickey went up to the microphone  to accept the award he talked about Eric Roberts and what a fine actor he is .. he had the crowd rolling.. Eric Roberts was yelling at him to accept his award... More later

The Wrestler also won - Best Feature & Cinematography -  More Later ~ Ciao Steph


Let The Show Begin

Mickey backstage at the Spirit Awards -  
Febuary 21st 

You can watch the ceremony on Independent Film Channel - 2pm PT ~ 5pm ET

Best Feature: Darren Aronofsky, Scott Franklin
Best Male Lead - Mickey Rourke
Best Cinematography - Maryse Alberti


The show starts in 15 minutes - so I gotta get a move on!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Traveling Man!!!

Mickey leaving JFK -  heading to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards. He landed safely.!!! ;)  


**sorry folks - that's Jaws** I've an east coast chick - operating on a west coast time schedule :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Not George Clooney

Heather called me when she landed in LA. It was only for a  few minutes - she had to go get settled in at her digs (tell ya more bout that later) and met up with some folks. 

Rourke'S MOJO

What better way to express one's individuality - than through fashion.  And that's just what Mickey does and has been doing since he first hit the scene. He has never been one to cater to what is trendy. He likes - what he likes and that's the way it's going down in his world. Personally, I never gave a shit what he wore.  However, this attitude comes from a  chick - who at one time wore nothing but, black, shopped in vintage clothes stores, wore earring made out of the tops of  beer cans and had bold pink highlights throughout my hair. While those days are behind me - I still got my on thang going on.   And so does Mickey. He is looking SMASHIN' these days. His stylist Michael Fisher, gives you the scope on Mickey's latest look via an article in the LA TIMES :

Mickey Rourke, the sartorial 'Wrestler'
By Mark Olsen
If this year's award season has seemed like an endless parade of trophies for "Slumdog Millionaire" and Kate Winslet, then there has remained one rather tantalizing bit of suspense for dedicated kudo watchers: What will Mickey Rourke wear next? The actor, working the award circuit in support of his unexpected comeback role in "The Wrestler," had been a sartorial riot of textures and patterns and colors, mixing and matching pieces with a fearlessness paralleled only by his astonishing performance. With his mussy hair, sunglasses and ubiquitous hip-dangling chain, he still evokes the outlaw danger of his biker past, while his penchant for open-necked shirts, unbuttoned cuffs and oversized, slightly undone neckties exudes an air of disheveled elegance. Consider the look something like a luxury hobo or a dandy gone to seed.  READ

UK Connection
Our friend Katie had the opportunity to attend the February 9th taping of Johnathan Ross. She wrote about her impressions of  Mickey's appearance on the show.   
Go check it out on her site -  onthewrongsideoftheriver

Thanks Katie - Heather and I won't forget want you did for us. 

Oscar Special 
I mentioned on yesterdays Skinny, Mickey is making an appearance Sunday on Barbara Walters. Here is a bit of what goes down in the interview and a story on Mickey losing Loki. 

For all those leaving emails. I am working as fast as I can to get them read. I'm working alone for the next few days -  so don't take it the wrong way if I don't respond immediately.  


So That's How Ya Do It

I'm really going to bed after this. I had to finish up some mail - when this came my way. 

Emergency-medical specialist Doug Bowen of West Chester has done many things in his line of work, which takes him to movie and TV shoots. For example, Bowen was behind the scenes, medical kit in hand, on the MTV men-behaving-badly series Jackass.

But teaching someone to feign a near-fatal heart attack?

For the movie The Wrestler, which shot scenes a year ago at New Alhambra Arena in South Philly, Bowen instructed star Mickey Rourke on the classic symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, numbness and tingling in the jaw, shoulder and arm, plus nausea and vomiting.

Rourke, up for an Oscar on Sunday for his bravura turn as Randy "The Ram" Robinson, employed a mixture of vanilla wafers and ginger ale for the more obvious symptoms, Bowen says. Rourke collapsed for the cameras about a dozen times before director Darren Aronofsky was satisfied. Bowen turns up in the background as a medic.

Source : Philadelphia Inquire ~ Michael Klein 

Good Morning....


You've Landed In The Right Realm

Hey Everyone,

I hope you didn't have any problems clicking over here.  Heather and I, appreciate you taking a detour for the next few days. 

 Later today - I've got some news about the Oscars via an insider. This person gave me some insight on how & why (some) Academy members vote the way they do. While he/she - was giving me the lowdown - it was as though he/she was describing a political election.. for example the Presidency. In the way, that folks get all pissed off if a 3rd & 4th party become involved in the election.   It splits the votes .   Alright, since I've already filled you in on some of the process - heres the deal : It's between Mickey Rourke & Sean Penn, however, this person has spoken to some older Academy members - who are voting for Frank Langella (Frost/Nixion) , hence the spliting of the votes for Best Actor, which means, we (couldd) be  looking at a tight race. Let me tell how engrossed people have become in this Best Actor race - fivethirtyeight is a site created by Nate Silver( a policitcal pollster). During the elections he used his knowledge of baseball sabermeterics - to predict the outcome of elections. He's good.  Anywho. LaShane called me tonight to let me know about fivethrityeight, taking a shot at choosing the a winner.  Of couse they make sure to let you know - it's for entertaining purposes only. I bet they won't be saying that shit if some of their chooses win... If you are curious just click the link fivethirtyeight

You may see Heather's name down at the bottom of the blog. We ran into a problem. For some reason my account isn't working and we didn't have time to fool with it.

I'm off...


Friday, January 19, 2007

Interesting, very, very interesting!

yes I am back from the dead..lol! naw, Ive just been up to my eyeballs revamping our website! What a challenge, to say the least.
Not to pat myself on the back, but I must say it looks badass! I couldnt have done it without Stephys input. That poor chick listened to me try to work things out so I could understand them for a whole year. Im sure she is glad she doesnt have to listen to any of that anymore (snicker, snicker).

Hmm, what else has been happening? Not surprising, those select few (2) have been throwing out wild, unsubstantiated allegations of Stephy, I and another close friend of ours who runs a fabulous Rourke Wallpaper website, of hacking into her websites and Myspaces. At least thats the word on the street. Silly is a good word that comes to mind, along with immature, idiotic and shallow.

What surprises me the most...no surprise isnt a good word, nothing surprises me about those 2 anymore.. LOL!!!!! Apparently they are trying to run some sort of campaign to try and discredit us or something. Funny though, Ive been told by eye witneses its rather comical the behaviorial patterns people are picking up on and finally noticing about these 2. Stephy calls them Tunas, as do many other people now, kind of a fitting nickname, wouldnt you agree? lmfao
These people that informed me of it, say that, whenever we do something with our website, Myspace page, or our friend with the wallpaper website changes something with her site, the tunas run around bellowing and pointing the finger at us and her about how we hacked the tunas sites, or we said this or that, or we are doing this or that. Coincidental? Nope, I think not, and neither do most of you emailing me.

What do I do about it, nothing really, mostly laugh. I know the truth will come out. People off kilter do demonstrate certain perrsonality traits and like I said, behavioral patterns, and other people are taking notice.

I did contact my old family friend in Chicago. He stated that this whole blasphemy is called internet harrassement. Also, since we have proof of their visiting habits and proof of doctored emails...as in emails of ours that one of them doctored to fit her own needs and purposes, is akin to forgery. I was surprised at that one, email forgery? Yep, you bet. Its a real crime.
I may as well throw in here, that supposedly they are irked I threw out thier isp carriers. Yes carriers. However it sounds as if they need a real lesson in ISP addresses and carriers, but I doubt they know they difference. Actually they dont, judging by the email I was sent. carriers and addresses are 2 different things, but I wont go into that. Im sure they will be scrambeling, searching for info. on that, now that Ive thrown it out here.

However their whole campaign against Stephy and myself, our friend with the wallpapers website, and our website is just silly as I stated before. I for one know, for a fact, I dont visit other Rourke websites or Myspace pages. With the exception of Lashanes Creations, her fabulous wallpaper website is beautiful. That is one website we are affiliated with and visit often. But others, nope. Here and there I will run across a few, but it isnt of the tuna persuasion.

Speaking of their Myspace alleged hacking nightmare. Everyone knows Myspace is constantly getting hacked into. Tom even sends out bulletins about it. The latest hacking craze on Myspace has affected pretty near everyone, so dont feel special tunas.
I sent out a bulletin to our Myspace friends and family, telling them of one of our many experiences with getting hacked into, and this is what Ive observed, along with Tom and countless others...but, since Im feeling nice tonight I figured if their allegations of a hacking nightmare are indeed true, Id give them something to read, and possibly they can fix their problem and stop pointing the finger. I know they dont have any record of me being on their sites, as I stated above, I dont visit them. Im not interested truth be told. No, thats not a diss or a slamming, however, Ive got alot better things to do with my time than sit around day and night surfing the internet. With my own successful business to run, I dont have the time nor energy.

Visit your Myspace page without being signed into it. Do it from a new window. When you view your profile without being signed into it, see if there is an Active X box that comes up. If there is, your profile has been hacked by the same people who hack everyone elses.
To get your profile back to normal....close that window and type in the Myspace address, ya know myspace.com, sign into your account and go to edit profile. In your about me section and the other sections, wherever you put code for, say, your background and things like that, look at it very closely. Go over every word of it. The hackers whom attack everyone on there, on a regular basis, slip code into and attach it to, say picture files, if a person has a movie, or a youtube thing posted, or whatever.

Remove any weird code you find.
Actually your best bet, is to remove everything on the profile and start over again(that is why its good to back up a copy of it on a disk, cuz this happens so much, and who wants to re-build a whole page anyway?)
It happened to me on my personal Myspace many times, and my personal Myspace page is privatized....

Also, if you are on Myspace and surfing around to your friends pages, and you get booted off, and get a sign in screen again, close that, open a new window, again type in myspace.com and go to the main sign in page.

I was once surfing a friends profile, got booted and the other sign in page came up. Wham, I didnt sign in at all, but my personal profile was hacked from just being on that fake/spoof sign in page. Also, always, always, always look at the top of your window in the address bar, on the left. Make double sure it says www.myspace.com. There are a growing number of spoof pages out there, where you dont look to verify the address and wham, the hackers have all your sign i information and then some.

Troublesome and time consuming, oh hell yes. The safest way to go while still enjoying Myspace? yes. A pain in the ass? yes.

Oh, and if you visit someones Myspace page and that active X box comes up, odds are your own profile is now hacked also. Who could forget, do not open suspicious bulletins about ringtones and just odd things that the person on your friends list wouldnt normally post. The hackers love to send out flakey bulletins.

All of the above information is easily accessible via Tom's Blog on Myspace. That is where I 1st read, studied and learned how to protect myself against the rampant hacking on Myspace. It seems as though its become a sport or something on there. But, its a free service and there are so many people on there, what can one expect?

I really hope, if the tunas are being honest in their hacking stories, that they at least take the above steps to protect themselves. Customizing a profile is hard work and a lot of time and energy. Nobody deserves a hacking nightmare, however, it happens to everyone on there.